Armando’s Improv Acting Class was a blast! I learned a lot of new improvisation techniques and activities. As a theatre teacher myself, I always am looking to bring new and exciting techniques and games into my lesson plans. I just wish that Armando’s program ran longer. I think that the most important aspect of his teaching style is that he pushes his students to try harder and make mistakes without repercussions. He told us, “don’t try to be funny” and taught us that if you think too much, the scene won’t work the way you want it to, since improv is like a wild animal, and you can’t predict where it’s going to go or what your partner is going to do.  Acting is all about reacting, and making your scene partner look good. So take advice from the first rule of Improv, and say “Yes!” to working with Armando.


This is an amzing group of actors very motivated to learn our craft ,Armando is a teacher who takes you from your comfort zone and make you work ,there are no slack days in class ,best improv i have seen in years,,,I cannot rate this class high enough,,,


Armando's class was a treat! He's a great instructor and provides a nurturing, supportive environment. And the class size was just right - small enough where we each had individual attention, but big enough where we learned a lot from others. I highly recommend studying with him!





Son of Dracula

"Carlos has just turned 21. He's stuck in a small town with no idea of where else to go. He can't find a date to save his life. He fights just to be accepted in the local vampire LARP group. He makes every day decisions with his role-playing pair of dice. He still lives with his mother.


Everything is about to change for him. As it turns out, his absentee father happens to be none other than Dracula, king of all vampires. Events begin to unfold that will shape not only Carlos' destiny as heir apparent to the vampire throne, but for all of mankind."  <ORDER NOW!>