Pedro Lucero comes from the hard streets of Bucktown in Metry. He got his start in theater with the Genesian Players and made the jump to film in the mid 90's when offered a spot on a Popeye's Chicken commercial. The rest is history in the making. Pedro went on to be the Production Coordinator/Entertainment Director for multiple establishments for sixteen years on world famous Bourbon Street. Pedro worked in the film industry in many positions ranging such as writer, talent, PA, Locations, Producer, and Director. Two years ago, he has made the life choice to leave Bourbon Street and work just in film. In these 2 years, he has worked with multiple productions as well as working with festivals as a coordinator for talent. On a regular basis, Pedro enjoys working with Indie projects so as to stay close to the artistic aspects of film and the heartbeat of filmmaking.


As a vampire civil war erupts, the hybrid human / son of Dracula that can stop it is a dork.