Born in France, raised by Cajuns in South Louisiana, and finding his true home in the heart of the French Quarter Michael Dardant has been an active force in many aspects of the Louisiana Film Industry.
Known as "Magic Mike" long before Channing Tatum learned to dance, Michael became a magician at 13 and has since gained a vast array of experience in entertainment.

As a comedian and emcee, he has been featured on stages across the globe and has accumulated an impressive client roster ranging from huge corporations to national sporting events. But his true calling is that of magician. With over 2 decades of study, sleight of hand has become second nature to Michael which has led to appearances on over 20 different television channels. Recently, his level of skill became recognized by his peers. In 2012 the world of magic witnessed a strive for stardom as Michael claimed 13 championship awards in one year making him the most decorated magician in North America in 2012! He became the first ever to take 1st place in both categories of Stage and Close up Magic in the same year  at Canada's National Magic Convention (C.A.M.).  Then, he became an International Champion, winning 1st place in Close up Magic at and the "People's Choice Award" at the International Brotherhood of Magicians Convention (I.B.M.)

Recognition as a magician has allowed him the experience of being a magic consultant as well. He has planned illusions for theater performances such as Cats, Merlin, and Once Upon A Mattress. He's also choreographed sleight of hand routines for films like The Last Exorcism and The Lucky One.

These unique skill sets combined with studies in improv comedy and various performance arts made Michael primed and ready for work in front of the camera as well. Michael's I.M.D.B. resume continues to be padded with minor appearances in many of the feature films that have come to town, however he's most proud of his roles in independent films and shorts such as Trailer Park Jesus by Sean Gerowin, Statue by Andrew Bryan, winner the best short in the New Orleans Film Fest, and Shrinks by Chip Hornstein. Amazingly, juggling fire has gotten him more television exposure then any of his other pursuits! He's been seen throwing torches in many commercials such as Zatarin's, Ralley's and Blue Runner Red Beans, Cheryl Crow's music video for Love is Free, and the movie College.

As a... Mike of all trades, he also fancies himself a writer and out of sheer necessity, an editor and producer. Dardant realized along the way that he had a creative outlet other than the stage. Writing had been an interest since the 2nd grade when he attempted a novel about unicorns.

Equally realistic is his script for a comedy series about life in post-Katrina New Orleans, called Below Sea Level. By teaming up with Neutral Ground Films Michael's vision has now become a hilarious 2 part pilot that is being pitched to networks.

"When you are used to seeing, on a daily basis, a guy painted completely silver sitting on your front step drinking a beer and arguing with tow truck driver about a fire hydrant that doesn't work, it pretty much writes itself."

Dardant worked again with Jason Waggenspack of NGF to co-write Trust Bob, winner of 4 awards in the 48-Hour Film Competition. With Sketchy Characters Productions, Magic Mike put his comedy mind to work as a writer on soon to be released projects, Bourbon Whiz, the story of Dorthy who, being tired of Kansas' "dry county" laws finds herself swept away to Bourbon Street in the Big Easy and The Chronicles of Count Jeb, the bizarre tale of Dracula's drunken one-night stand in Mississippi which leads to an illegitimate son discovered 18 years later.

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Son of Dracula

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