Armando Leduc was born on January 15, 1980, in Nurnburg, Germany. He is part Puerto Rican part Portuguese and grew up as an army brat. Leduc made his film debut in the movie Lords of The Street where he played a Mexican drug lord. Since then he has fought to break his stereotype of gangbangers, drug dealers, and terrorists by creating his own content birthing his production company Sketchy Characters.

Armando got his start as Danny Zuko in his high school's production of the musical Grease. After high-school, his success with community theatre caught the attention of Augusta Model & Talent. At the AMT Convention, he placed as a top ten finalist among roughly 200 other actors. As a result, he signed with The People Store, an Atlanta based agency. During this time, he continued expanding his theatrical experience with the Augusta Players back in Augusta, Georgia. His award for Best Supporting Actor in "Annie" with this group solidified his decision to continue pursuing his career as a professional actor.

In addition to his acting endeavors, Armando has also focused his energy in other areas of the performing arts. In 2000, he began singing with the acappella quartet, "The Harmonics." The group participated in national competitions and even won the award for "Best New Quartet" in Knoxville in 2002. He also began studying ballroom and Latin dancing in 1999 at a local studio in Augusta. As an instructor, he opened A&E Dance Studio in 2003, which is still in business today. Over the years he has competed in ballroom competitions in Las Vegas, New Orleans, Puerto Rico, Gulfport and Orlando. His natural abilities and experiences singing and dancing have further heightened his performance onstage and on the screen.

In 2005, Armando moved to New Orleans, Louisiana. There, he has been proactive in renewing and strengthening the acting community in post-Katrina New Orleans. He continues to aggressively seek out opportunities for acting in feature films, theater, television and commercials. In addition, he has works tirelessly teaching weekly acting classes, organizing workshops and working as a casting director. He formed and leads a sketch comedy group, "The Sketchy Characters," that rehearses and performs weekly in the French Quarter.

With a body of work that includes over 20 theater productions, 40 film and television productions, and 20 comedy shows, he is just getting starting and showing no signs of slowing down. Actor, Writer, Director, and Singer, Armando Leduc stays focused on creating some of the funniest content you will see on your screen. He has written, directed, and produced several sketches, shorts, and web series. He currently sings in a cover band on Bourbon Street and is in postproduction on 2 projects with several in development.


Son of Dracula

"Carlos has just turned 21. He's stuck in a small town with no idea of where else to go. He can't find a date to save his life. He fights just to be accepted in the local vampire LARP group. He makes every day decisions with his role-playing pair of dice. He still lives with his mother.


Everything is about to change for him. As it turns out, his absentee father happens to be none other than Dracula, king of all vampires. Events begin to unfold that will shape not only Carlos' destiny as heir apparent to the vampire throne, but for all of mankind."  <ORDER NOW!>