Sketchy Characters Videos

Sketchy Characters Productions is a New Orleans-based company with a passion for bringing comedy to your computer screen and soon to the big screen.  Our group originally formed as an improv troupe in 2007.

We performed in the French Quarter on a weekly basis for just under a year before deciding to begin filming sketches.  At that point, our productions became more elaborate and we incorporated street dancers, music, burlesque, live comedy and filmed sketches.  As our fan base grew, so did our desire to push ourselves to higher levels.



Son of Dracula

"Carlos has just turned 21. He's stuck in a small town with no idea of where else to go. He can't find a date to save his life. He fights just to be accepted in the local vampire LARP group. He makes every day decisions with his role-playing pair of dice. He still lives with his mother.


Everything is about to change for him. As it turns out, his absentee father happens to be none other than Dracula, king of all vampires. Events begin to unfold that will shape not only Carlos' destiny as heir apparent to the vampire throne, but for all of mankind."  <ORDER NOW!>